New ECO BUBL Pods from BUBL Packaging – A range of new products designed to protect everything from bottles to Hi Tech equipment

BUBL Packaging, leading suppliers of reusable and recyclable packaging solutions, has announced the launch of its new ECO range of BUBL Pods, the latest new product in the company’s wide range of protective packaging. BUBL pods are a quick and simple yet cost effective solution for packaging and shipping a wide range of goods, from bottles to TV’s. BUBL Pods are the perfect solution; easy to inflate, super lightweight and recyclable, and the new ECO BUBL Pods contain thinner film and have less material content, meaning they are even lighter than before. With numerous new variants we can now offer a low cost solution for shipping lower value items like spray trigger guns, flavourings, oils, shampoos, cosmetics etc. Items that are still liable to transit damage, but which are not as fragile as glass; our fast BUBL Pod Inflator is easy to set up and operate and ensures you can quickly inflate and use the most appropriate packaging protection for your goods, on demand.

BUBL Packaging now has a wide range of products that are reusable and recyclable, and there are solutions for everything from mobile phones and TVs to rare wines and antiques and even heavy industrial products can be completely protected during transit and storage.

BUBL products are supplied uninflated so the demand for warehouse space is dramatically reduced; they are simple and quick to inflate, dramatically reducing packing times compared to traditional packaging. Taken together, reduced pack times, transit damage, storage and shipping costs mean significant savings.

Ross Woodburn, managing director at BUBL Packaging, commented; “Roughly 98% of our packaging is air, because it’s inflatable. It’s all recyclable and our products are designed to be reusable. One of the big advantages with our packaging is that it takes up so little space. You’re shipping a lot less material, a lot less volume.”

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