BUBL Void 20x20cm Cushion 20 Micron HDPE Film 600m


Pe-inflated sack of 600mm wide BUBL Wrapping – approx. 7.5m long (pre inflated) If you are not sure if BUBL Wrapping is suitable for your needs – buy this and try for yourself before committing to purchasing a full roll. BUBL Wrapping is super – strong and is inflated as required, dramatically reducing demand for warehouse storage space. With manual or automated inflation BUBL Wrapping is the ultimate flexible protective packaging option, providing maximum product protection for awkward and difficult to pack items. If one of the rows of “BUBL’s” is punctured your products are still protected as the rest remain inflated. So strong that you can even jump up and down on it – it is virtually un-poppable.

  • Roll length of 600m – 3000 cushions per roll
  • Cushion size – 20 x 20 cm. Ideal for packing medium to large sized boxes and cartons
  • Suitable for shipments via mail, courier and air freight
  • The inflated pack is approx. 99% air so it has a very low shipping carbon footprint
  • Supplied un-inflated so minimum storage space required
  • Made from HDPE which is 100% recyclable. Contains a minimum of 30% recycled content.
  • With a film thickness of 20 Micron these cushions are strong and provide great product protection.
  • Very low material usage and shipping weight compared to void packing with paper, cardboard or bubble wrap.
  • Using another suppliers machine and rolls? If your rolls are supplied on 2″ internal cores its very likely that you can use our rolls on your machine. Email details to info@bublpackaging.co.uk and we will check if our rolls are compatible.

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