Heavy Duty 5l Bottle BUBL Pod with no inflation nozzle


Our “Heavy Duty” inflatable 5l bottle protector with solid inflation nozzle is perfect for shipping plastic bottles and cans. Your item will be protected from damage in its own little “BUBL” of air, so it will be protected from transit damage and will arrive safely at your customers, ensuring that your customers are happy and that you avoid the need to send free replacements at your companies expense.

  • Ideal for 5l bottles and cans.
  • Max bottle size is 35cm height by 25cm by 15cm
  • Suitable for shipments via mail, courier and air freight
  • The inflated pack is approx. 98% air so it has a very low shipping carbon footprint
  • Supplied un-inflated – simply inflated using a hand pump or air compressor
  • Recyclable and contains a minimum of 30% recycled content
  • Larger bottles are very difficult to ship individually without incurring damage – these BUBL Pods virtually eliminate transit damages

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